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What Do WE See Happening in 5 years? 10?

Of course our view is related to our experiences and to the technological sector where we operate.
We see four big sectors where in 5-10 years we could give a contribute:
We think that cities will automatically adapt to people by monitoring citizens: our contextual architecture will be enlarged permitting to people to manage large contexts using scores and personal choices. Optimization and causal Markov models can be used.
Every citizen will need a customized learning experience depending on needs and wishes: this can be actualized empowering Hierarchical Formal Concept applied to contexts.
Every citizen will be provided with a custom health care management and an improved relationship with Doctors
Mobiles will be the intelligent core of the internet of everything; they will provide new sensors and will slowly become smarter thanks to the cloud services.

Rather than focusing on hardware or software, technology is becoming entrenched as a critical component of every business decision.
1. The cloud will increasingly drive business agility.
Customers’ expectations are rapidly evolving – they are seeking quicker upgrades, faster delivery times and more personalized services – and businesses need to respond
2. The Internet of Things will enable smarter business decisions.
3. Information and applications will be available anytime, anywhere, on any device

The “bring your own” trend will expand to more devices and apps.

We mesh digital and physical

Technological advances like 5G networks, more processing power, advances in storage, and cloud and mobile computing are blurring the boundaries between the physical and the virtual—between people and their technology.

We entails a rapid product development cycle and we’ll see development cycles evolve from sprints to hyper-connected dashes.

To keep pace in a Digital-First World, we adopt startup strategies. Borrowing from the startup ethos we build an adaptive enterprises that can proactively create opportunities for growth.