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In a world where almost anyone and anything can be connect to Internet, we help to manage connected devices with intelligent technology solutions are an enabling opportunity for innovation in Internet of Things (IoT). Digital Agent, Deep Learning, Semantic Networks and Rules enable rapid innovation for applications and service delivery.

Our Vision

Our world is undergoing a technological explosion. Echoing J.F. Kennedy’s famous vision, it truly seems that “we stand today on the edge of a New Frontier”. Since the turn of the 21st century nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive sciences are converging and changing our societies and environment.



Collective intelligence


The general collective schema
1 Humans or non humans
2 Hyperconnection
3 Human Empowerment
4 creative center

Our vision on AI evolution:
Smart object and humans (1) operates in an open society using (2) hyperconnections: a bundle of high speed contexts information exchange generate the emergence of The Internet of EveryThing (IoE). (3) Digital Agents “ swim” in the flow of IoE and generate content (big data analysis, advices, distributed controls, knowledge formalization) with the goal to empower the system (human and non human). In the core (4) a creative digital mind think to the general improvement of the techno-structure as a whole.