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“Godbridge” is a new product with the aim to expand the features of our system bus (SSB). In the beginning SSB, the God of systems busses, created the Software and  Then SSB said, Let Technologies communicate  with each other and He created the GodBridge. And it was so. (Services Genesis 01012)

GodBridge permits a flawless implementation between different layers developed with different technologies.  It’s our new way to run analytics, complex calculations, statistics, and so on. It’s one tool for one hundred technologies like Phyton, IMCP, R language, java, and so on. It permits to choose the right tool for any particular job. For example, if there is the need to calculate the linear regression on a big set of data, SSB asks to “GodBridge” to launch a particular script written in R language and in few milliseconds it receives the output. The flow is completely transparent and it’s easy to build new features because all the programs are on the cloud. Anyone can write a program, stores it in our cloud and when SSB needs it, it just loads it and runs it thanks to the power of “GodBridge”.

For more information feel free to contact us , we are eager to communicate and share ideas.