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The idea of cloud computing is to make data accessible to multiple people, usually wirelessly and sometimes across vast distances. Cloud computing can be done on small or large scale. You can even create your own private cloud. According to Gartner Research, the personal cloud will replace the personal computer storage. The more people use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the more people will look for on-the-go access to all their personal content. Data won’t be tied up in a laptop, it will be in a private and personal cloud.

Value of a personal cloud

The biggest benefits of a personal cloud are privacy and security. End user has a clear way to control the access and permissions. Whether you’re storing family photos or your business’ financial records, knowing who can see what is important.

Megatris Comp. approach to Personal Cloud is the Contextual Cloud.

A Personal Cloud can be the place of partnership between user (mobile) and cloud environment. We consider a personal cloud as an active one. Our vision comprehend a Companion shaped by its context models , instantiated contexts and programs and data applicable in such context. The presence of an active context provides an augmented cognition in the cloud services where the Companion establish the bridge between the user and the cloud.  Augmented Cognition is a  closed-loop systems to modulate information flow with respect to the user’s status and environment. Appropriate simulation augments the power of modeling and forecast allowing verification before deployment.

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