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Hi, What do you do?

As Megatris Comp. we provide Big Data and Analytics to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space. We enable connected things to become smart contextual objects. Our focus is to help the extraction of true value from sensors data by delivering advanced analytics, finding strategic insights and enabling richer applications. We offer a SaaS-based solution to connected smart objects to collect and analyze their objects data. Our services benefit customers in healthcare, wearables, home and industrial verticals.

Smart contextual analytics is the key to monetizing IoT data to derive strategic insights and actionable intelligence from their machine data via Data Analytics – descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and simulation. There’s no value in identifying what users are doing every minute of the day if you can’t respond predictively and proactively (this can be called artificial intelligence).


What Are The Biggest Challenges In Your Industry?

The key challenge today isn’t in manufacturing circuits but in programming the massively distributed systems that will result from putting all the units together to manage daily huge amount of data with dimensionality factors depending on contexts.

To win such challenge we have a research plan that we are going to summarize in this interview.

Hierarchical Formal Concept Analysis (HFCA) models the world of data through the use of contextual objects and attributes (tags) structured in contexts.  To evaluate the significance of a concept in a context we compute the significance score and we learn  high-dimensional binary feature vectors as accelerated maximum a posteriori (MAP).

The adaptive evolution of context models describes dynamics with different complexity. Each dynamic mode is associated with a mode behavior, the set of trajectories that satisfy the dynamical laws of that mode in a context. A switching signal (an event) determines when a transition occurs between dynamic modes. Symbolic control of nonlinear systems is based on an approximate notion of simulation relation, a way of obtaining feedback control laws.

What Do You See Happening in 5 years? 10?

Of course our view is related to our experiences and to the technological sector where we operate.

We see four big sectors where in 5-10 years we could give a contribute:

  • We think that cities will automagically adapt to people by monitoring citizens: our contextual architecture will be enlarged permitting to people to manage large contexts using scores and personal choices. Optimization and causal Markov models can be used.
  • Every citizen will need a customized learning experience depending on needs and wishes: this can be actualized empowering Hierarchical Formal Concept applied to contexts.
  • Every citizen will be provided with a custom health care management and an improved relationship with Doctors
  • Mobiles will be the intelligent core of the internet of everything; they will provide new sensors and will slowly become smarter thanks to the cloud services.


What Makes You Different Than Your Competitors?

Even if a little company, We put a strong accent on software research and innovation. In every new project we try to introduce new concepts to make us different and more advanced than our competitors.


What Are Your Goals?

Our goals are related to the big sectors previously described where we want to prepare useful software components to help people.


Who Should Contact You? Why?

Organizations and communities that has interest to develop new software starting from IoT concepts and data analytics.


Speak Freely Here

Ok I speak freely: what we want at the end is organizational revolution of society through software. Humanity needs support by technologies for a better use and augmentation of his capabilities.
Software services have to become the companion or consultant of every one with only one goal: a better life (we hope).