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As Megatris comp. we provide Big Data and Analytics to the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) space. We enable  connected things to become smart contextual objects. Our focus is to help the extraction of true value from sensor data by delivering advanced analytics, strategic insights, and enabling richer applications. We offer a SaaS-based solution to connected smart objects to connect, collect, and analyze their object data. Our services benefit customers in healthcare , wearables, home,  industrial  verticals.


We help to simplify Big Data and Analytics for IoT and M2M. Smart contextual analytics is the key to monetizing IoT data. Our analytics services enable businesses to derive strategic insights and actionable intelligence from their machine data via Data Analytics – descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and simulation. Our services deliver real-time analytics, on-demand analytics, and batch analytics with the goal to have a SINGLE VIEW. Unifying all users’ interaction data from internal and external sources empower users themselves to have a highly personalized and contextual conversation with your customers, across the customer life cycle.

Predictive Analytics Becomes the Norm.

Predictive analytics will evolve beyond the next “cool thing,” to a “you better have it or else” type of functionality.   There’s no value in identifying what users are doing every minute of the day if you can’t respond predictively and proactively. By the time you’ve extracted, transformed and loaded  the data in some warehouse or Hadoop cluster, it’s too late.

Organizations will re-engineer their Big Data environments to enable information streams, from both within and beyond the enterprise, to be accessed, analyzed and shared in real time. This will be the key to increasing revenue, improving knowledge worker productivity, and lowering costs.